MD Self-Steering™

Have you ever lost in your way to the destination? Feeling unsure which way to go and what to do now? That is the moment a smart technology helps! For every medical device, electric driving process is always the origin that fuels the journey to your health. HCMedi's innovative design is the core for the future inhalation therapy development. By continuous auto-detection and reaction, our MD Self-Steering Technology not only enhance the efficiency of your device, but also lead to the best performance of nebulization.

Customized service

We truly believe

that the best technology

is set to mirror

your need...

which we value the most and dedicate to your “i” enhancement. We want you feel that “I am at the center of my actions”, hence we develop the knowledge for personalized medicine and for you to take the lead. With our extraordinary technology, you will have the highest quality service at your fingertips, where you are constantly aware that “i” is the master of respiratory health.


Smart controller app on your smartphone, springboarding into your device operation.


Through the clinical cloud service, your inhalation treatment and other medical records could be documented for the following check ups easily.


Giving your medicines individual ID that matches specific treatment regimen respectively. The NFC technology we adapt only allows the right match to power on so you can continue your therapy without a miss.


Modulating the aerosol output proactively, you are the one who takes the lead.